The core of all human longing
is to re-experience Union with the Divine.
Inviting you Home...
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The Christ and Magdalene Healings

The Christ and
Magdalene Healings

Begins March 3

Brain Awakening - Optimizing Your Sensorium: The Next Step from Your Higher Selves

Brain Awakening:
Higher Spiritual Light


Living from the Heart

Living from the Heart

Mondays evenings

Photo of Lynette, an enlightened Spiritual Teacher and Healer
"It is within the vast, vibrant
stillness of your own Heart
that you will discover
the great answer
to your seeking -
and you will be Home.
Awake, aware
and in Union with Life."

– Lynette

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Lynette is an internationally known visionary healer and teacher of enlightenment.  Her practical, transformative teachings, together with the transmission of vast and potent Divine Energies, empower students to achieve immense awareness, and rich experiences of peace and joy.  Through the vortex of universal awakening energies that Lynette embodies and transmits, many have experiences of Self-realization and ongoing mystical access.


Her deep knowing of Eternal Nature, and the Unified state within matter, together with many remembrances of ancient and future healing techniques, allow people to shed baggage gracefully, at an accelerated pace. Considered to be one of the world's most powerful spiritual healers and among its most empowering teachers, Lynette extends her Being to expand freedom of choice and Consciousness in all realms.


Come, remember Union...

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During seminars and online courses, enjoy
contemplative healing processes with profound spiritual energies,
facilitation into experiences of awakened states of consciousness,
practical mentoring for deepening your relationship with Life,
and receive useful guidance for living meditation.