The core of all human longing
is to re-experience Union with the Divine.
Inviting you Home...
• Divine Self Realization
• Enlightened Explorations
• Contemplative teachings
• Spiritual transmissions of pure Grace
Photo of Lynette, an enlightened Spiritual Teacher and Healer
"It is within the vast, vibrant
stillness of your own Heart
that you will discover
the great answer
to your seeking -
and you will be Home.
Awake, aware
and in Union with Life."

– Lynette

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Sacred Feminine, Sacred Masculine

Sacred Feminine,
Sacred Masculine

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Window into the Glorious

Window into the Glorious

Thursday evening series


Come, remember Union...

and join our global awakening!


is an experiential seminar leader, meditation teacher, artist, author,
and healing facilitator in the areas of personal and spiritual growth.

During seminars and online courses, enjoy
contemplative healing processes with profound spiritual energies,
facilitation into experiences of awakened states of consciousness,
practical mentoring for deepening your relationship with Life,
and receive useful guidance for living meditation.