• A Blessing for Humanity

    "Lynette's teachings are given with unconditional pure Love, softness, effectiveness and respect. Yet, so powerful! Her gifts of Grace are a blessing for humanity."
  • Eminently Practical

    “This work is eminently practical, with immediate results that can be verified through psycho-kinesiology. These groups averaged clearing of 60% of each person’s parental baggage - removed with the first healing.”
  • Grace-Filled Healer

    "Lynette is without a doubt the most gifted, powerful, authentic and grace-filled healer walking this planet today. Working directly with your soul, her consciousness gently and very thoroughly lifts off the "baggage" that has kept you from letting your unique gifts shine. She can resolve karma. Choosing to know your divinity is truly the greatest gift."
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Brain Awakening: The Sensorium Upgrades
Brain Awakening: The Sensorium Upgrades

Brain Awakening: The Sensorium Upgrades

 Upgrading Your Brain for Higher Spiritual Light Capacity


Enjoy all the benefits of blissful sensing,  
as it is now possible to elevate your mind,  
and experience a more potently enjoyable life!

On Saturdays, we get to experience a new level of opening,
during our first session of the Brain Awakening: Sensorium series. 
We'll more fully light-up your ability to experience the richness of sensation.
In our hour together, with the immense river of Divine Energies,
we'll release more of the subtle misperceptions,
and open to even fuller sensation of life.


Optimizing Your Sensorium:
A New Activation for Brain Awakening

The Sensorium is the seat for sensation. 
It is the place in your brain that experiences
and interprets your environment, through your perceptions.
Interpreting through pleasureful perceptions truly enhances your whole life!

A clear Sensorium enlivens everything we see, touch, smell, taste and hear.
Because your perceptions are meant to be unique and changing, when one is fluidly evolving,
to enhance your ability to feel more pleasure in life can be so valuable.

  • Enhance your capacity to receive the pleasant experiences of life, more fully.
  • Understand how in objective terms our society functions primarily in one linear sense.
  • Bring online a greater capacity to sense through new ways, in more than five areas.
  • Feel more pleasure and joy in your daily moments.                                                  
  • Realize feelings of bliss which exceed the cultural norm, developing the senses to feel spirituality more fully.

As you reshape your ability to respond to the news and media,
the new over-arching perceptions can keep your mind at peace,
witnessing with interest and wisdom the changes happening on the earth we inhabit.

This is a fascinating topic, about which we'll be sharing information,
as well as clearing old perceptivity, transforming, and uplifting the Sensorium, in detailed ways. 
You'll receive detailed upgrades for each physical sense.

During this series Lynette will be offering additional sacred geometries
as her Consciousness communes with your Higher Self.
The Sensorium Upgrades will closely align with the Higher Dimensional Portal work
which our group has begun to engage with in recent months.


Registration is still open:

Saturdays, monthly
Dates: January 30, February 27, March 19, April 30, May 28

10 am Pacific, 1 pm Eastern

An English-only line is available.


"I felt a great lightness and freedom in my body.
There was a grand opening, expansions into my being, and indescribable well being."


  • 5 Brain Awakening sessions, over 5 months
  • $33 usd per month for 5 months
  • Phone or Webstream
  • A recordings library will be available for you.
  • Your children under 18 may be included at no charge.
  • One hour sessions.


Please email Jackie through this Contact form to register for the
Brain Awakening: The Sensorium Upgrades


All times on the Calendar are Pacific Standard/Daylight Time.