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Meditation Music:
Three Tibetan Bowls©

Thousands of people have enjoyed this meditation music, produced by 3 authentic Tibetan Bowls gently "singing" for 60 minutes. Lynette was playing the Bowls while in a state of Self-Realization, so those Divine Frequencies are embedded in the recording. The deep steady sounds of the Tibetan Bowls carry you deeper and deeper in your Being, as you focus inwardly. This downloadable mp3 is ideal for relaxing, and even for falling asleep.

Hear the Three Tibetan Bowls Playing in this one-minute preview.
Enjoy the resonating sounds of Tibet!


$ 7.00

Catalyst for Enlightenment©

24-session series
During this new series, Lynette will speak about the Great Shift that we are experiencing on earth, and facilitate an expansive shift in your perspectives. We will enter the most sacred space together, where the dynamic new depths and the sparkling energies offer pristine, fresh possibilities for your experience of the awakened state. The energy transmissions of Pure Love and the immense healing work assist you in freeing yourself, empowering you to feel more potently, the precious Self-Realized spiritual experience of life. This series is especially created for those who choose to become clear and vibrant manifestations of Spirit. During these healing sessions we will delve into transforming all of the issues that have kept you out of the sweet state of Union.

"Lie down and Awaken!"
~ Lynette

$ 195.00
Brain Ascension

Brain Ascension - Liberating Your Brain!©

This 7-session series has been created to energetically transform the physiological limitations of your brain that your future Self is eager to change, allowing a deeper Fusion of Spirit and Matter to occur. This manifests as a greater expression of your gifts in this world.

To shift the patterns in your brain requires a change within the patterned circuits, the neural pathways. Within Divine Presence, and with the extraordinary array of energies precisely guided by your Highest Self, this course will steadily and gradually uplift your brain and entire mind-system so that your being is freer to create from pristine Self as you ascend in vibration. Read more...

$ 77.00

7 Chakras - Core Flush!©

An intensive Major Chakra cleanse. Old patterns etched into the funnels of the chakras, which may have lowered your vitality, will be gently dissolved in accordance with your Soul's exact instructions, and as these imprints disappear, your vital life force is naturally amplified. As we explore the dynamics specific to each chakra, and intensively heal them, expect to be enlivened by the nourishing fields of Creation. Opening, orienting and healing the 7 Chakras. Feel the rapture of being alive as your chakras blossom more fully! Read more...


$ 77.00

Higher Chakra Openings: Rivers of Light©

The Path to Incarnating your Higher Self
In this powerful 7-session series (55 minutes each), we'll be focusing on opening and expanding your 8th and 9th chakras, the Core Star chakra, and your higher dimensional chakras. Your spiritual Being will become more imbued and seated within your body, central channel, meridians and nadis. Take advantage of the higher frequencies of Light streaming through as your entire energy system is uplifted in consciousness, and your Spirit manifests more fully in radiance.

"It's so nice to find an easy way Home!
Thank you for smoothing the way for us."
$ 77.00

Power Mastery©

A 12 hour course for
increasing and experiencing of True Power

Would you like to feel powerful sovereignty and creatorship in your life?
Are you able to vibrantly and freely manifest from your personal power?
Do you feel fully in communion with the Power that flows through this universe?
The energies of Divine Power are included within the vibration of the recordings.
Be an essential part of the New Power Paradigm on Earth! Read more...
$ 144.00

Enlightened Living:
Resolving Polarizations on the Path of Awakening©

We are resolving old third dimensional polarities in your energy field. The transmissions of Unity Consciousness and Lynette's intensive signature work in multiple levels of your consciousness will assist you in ascending to the next dimensions of possibility. During your own inward spiritual journey, Lynette will assist your Being in shedding that which is heavy - showing your personality how to fill these new spaces with Divine Presence, the relationship with your own Spirit. The practical concepts that are taught will deepen your personal mastery, and your ability to meet the challenges of these rapidly changing times. Immerse yourself in this warm, gracefully powerful, and transformative Divine energy. Read more...
16 sessions recorded over 5 months, 55 minutes each
$ 144.00

Immersion within Christed Consciousness©

Receive a deeper level of Christ Consciousness mastery, during an experience of purification, healing and expansiveness into ever higher levels of the "Christos" Portal. Delve into the richness and pure potentiality of the realms of "Christed" consciousness, composed of all the masterful Beings who attained this level of service. Read more...
A high-vibrational series of 16 recorded sessions, 55 minutes each.

$ 144.00

7-Level Clearing & Healing Session©

Enjoy the increased lightening of the 7 layers of your energy field!
The healing energies resolve subconscious contenting in each layer of your being.
Recorded at a live seminar.

What is the Divine Quality you bring to this world?

The recording starts by referencing this subject, so you'll also be given access to a 2-page PDF assisting you in pinpointing your Divine Quality.


$ 7.00

The Accelerated Awakening® Course

Do you long for more Peace, Joy and Deep Union?

The Accelerated Awakening Sacred Space is an opportunity to be in a powerful, deeply healing "Grace Field" for 24 hours, with the 25 55-minute long sessions. Experience thorough, sequential clearings, for your all dimensions and levels of your energy field and body. You'll receive the transmission of high frequencies, chakra upgrades, and the Divine Light downloads. This is an accelerated path for facilitating your Self-Realization process.

$ 195.00