• Spiritual Transformation

    "There comes a time when evolution permits major spiritual transformation on the planet. And when this occurs, certain individuals are chosen to be a channel for this awakening. Lynette is such a channel."
  • Heart Awakening

    “The work that comes through her has such power of authenticity and respect that it brings about truly transformative experience and a beautiful heart awakening.”
  • Amazing Experience

    “Lynette’s work feels like taking off a backpack of boulders you didn’t know you had on – a truly amazing experience.”
Accelerated Awakening® - The Six Month Weekly Online Course | Print |  E-mail

Accelerated Spiritual Awakening - The 6 Month Course, with Lynette

The Accelerated Awakening course is a series of 25 sessions


Do you long for more Peace, Joy and Deep Union?


Accelerated Awakening® - The Six Month Weekly Online Course is an opportunity to be in a powerful, deeply healing "Grace Field" each week for six months. Free your mind from limiting thought-forms and release emotional residue as you enjoy the Sacred Energies and gentle processes. You'll also receive some brief teachings and practical homework in a steady and balanced process to truly experience liberation.

We will work together on a phone conference line with thorough, sequential clearings, for your entire energy field and body. You'll receive the transmission of high frequencies, chakra upgrades, and the newest Light downloads. This is an accelerated path, becoming more Self-Actualized, expressing your Divine gifts in this world, and receiving the fullness of Life itself, through your Great Heart.

As you focus inwardly and participate in expansive exercises, experience pioneering work that makes your Light more visible. With this guided and sometimes silent integrative healing, your frequent experience of spaciousness, and your practice of the steps in self awareness - you can become more Self-realized.

You're invited to be part of a group of heart-oriented people, committed for the six month process to the group, and to spiritual growth and freedom.


"All I can feel is happiness, harmony and peace. All the old stuff is going away..."


The recordings for this weekly series are in the store. We will offer another course soon; please watch your newsletter.

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