• The Lotus Within

    "You are most lovely and generous with what you are giving to all of us.  The jewel ~ the lotus within and without.  I have had much past life karma to deal with and I know all of this is leavened (made lighter) by the work I do with you.  Lately the Light has been so abundantly present!"
  • A Divine Spark

    "I thank you for awakening our most precious dream and knowing the joy and grace of the DIVINE is always flowing! The gifts you have helped unlock in us and so very many others is just a small part of the grace-filled way in which you glide through all dimensions constantly, gently showing forth The Divine Spark for all to remember!"
  • Glorious Blessings

    "He was in bliss and so was I. Divine Mother, and all her glorious blessings!
    Love at its finest."
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Hawaii Dolphin Swim

Hawaii Beach

Initiatory Adventures in Hawaii!


Lynette is organizing another wonderful trip in July to joyfully swim with the dolphins, and be together in the gentle, warm, welcoming atmosphere of the Divine Mother in Hawaii!  Exact dates will follow.


It's a week of tropical paradise and incredibly transformative swims with the dolphins, together with daily gathering for expansive immersion work with Lynette. We'll continue our spiritual embodiment in this enchanting environment!







Cost of the trip per person:

$ 1450 to 1575 (depends on group size).

This is to give you an overview so that you can plan. It is possible to plan over 3 payments for an additional small fee.

Dolphins at Sunset in Hawaii

Swimming with Dolphins in Hawaii

The package includes:


      • 7 nights accommodation in a private house with tropical furnishings;
        most people will have their own bedroom.
        The house has a very large yard, with fruit trees!

        Hawaii Beach Chairs
      • The car or van for group travel

      • Three boat trips into the ocean to swim with the extraordinary dolphin pods!

      • Exploration of the volcanic Nature Park, or the rain forest, as the group chooses, and other abundant treasures of the Big Island.

      • Several healing and Divine Ceremony sessions with Lynette in nature.


You'll be responsible for your flight to arrive in Kona,
and for the food which the group chooses to prepare together
for large meals, for your snacks, and your souvenirs.

A truly magical journey with the dolphins in a spiritually-oriented group...
a week of gentle vacation near the whales and in the lush tropical vegetation,
flowers, and fresh fruit that are Hawaii!

We're arranging housing so an estimate of numbers is helpful...
email Jackie if you're interested, for more details.

Beautiful Sunny Beach in Hawaii