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peach rose

"Lynette is a pure servant of the heart. Her light is so obvious. She is a living angel who works so gracefully in supporting others to express their radiance. To be in her presence is truly enough."
M. S., Ph.D., D.C.


"This Divine work you are doing is so immense that we all hope and pray that you will be able to continue for a very long time in total health and vigor. Your unconditional love, multifaceted compassion and joy are extremely palpable and I am honored and grateful for all that you do for me, others and the planet!!!!!"

"Since my journey with Lynette, I recaptured the abundance in all aspects of my life, such as the abundance of love to myself and others, the profound joy of Recognition of well-being, happiness and inner peace; steady my gaze towards the Creator, to life. For me, what I just described is pure abundance ...with confidence."

"It's so wonderful - this work you're doing with us. It is like you're a Mother taking us by the hand, leading us, saying "Look, life can be so beautiful!" I feel blessed all the time! I'm in a constant state of recognition now; this state of recognition I looked for all my life. I feel so happy to be me."

"I am grateful to be able to enlighten and ground myself throughout these times of turmoil and uncertainty. It brings comfort and solace. I consider you a great blessing in my life. Your skills and energy and grace have helped me tremendously. I thank you."

"A very BIG and most gracious thank you and the team for this weekend. It was truly Divine! What a joy-filled couple of days. We are flying with light wings and big smiles."

leaf droplet"I am deeply grateful and honored to be a part of your work and I thank you and your Team. I am in awe as I see and feel the new world unfolding before & within me. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

"Your sharing of knowledge is a treasure and means so very much to me. You are a great inspiration to me! Thank you for sharing with me in all realms, dimensions and space/time realities."

"I so enjoyed the seminar with you! My heart just feels loved when I am near you! Thank you for being an amazing teacher!"

"Let me say that I have really been appreciating your work and feel that it is having profound affects in my life. I'm definitely on the awakening path and it has been very supportive to be working with you during this time."

"I send this email to tell you that the clearing performed on me is very powerful. I feel happier, more fit, I have more energy, I exercise and I feel good. A calm settles in me and I find it wonderful. People around me noticed. Thank you for everything."
"I am loving the Awakening the Body work we are doing in this series. Thank you for facilitating and bringing in the energies that are transforming and renewing our physical containers, and my experience of being truly present moment to moment."

"During one of the Catalyst sessions I remember a hard shell that was around my heart splitting apart and breaking away. It felt so freeing."


"Lynette Hunter is without a doubt the most gifted, powerful, authentic and grace-filled healer walking this planet today. Working directly with your soul, her consciousness gently and very thoroughly lifts off the "baggage" and resolves the causes that have kept you from letting your unique gifts shine. She is one of a few on the Earth that can resolve karma. As a fully transparent being she is also a constant reminder to ALL of us of our Divine inherent potential. Choosing to know your divinity is truly the greatest gift you can ever give yourself. I hope you enjoy your journey as much as I have enjoyed mine with Lynette."

pink rose"I attended the Day of Awakening event and that was very deep. I had a major healing with my father that day. For several nights afterward I felt that you were working with me directly to expand my consciousness, increase my ability to multi-track, etc. I imagined connections forming across the lobes of my brain and I felt my pineal being activated. It was wild; I even heard your voice in my head telling me to try different things."

"What a great gift we all received last night! My legs were reacting by kicking a little bit and I had a need to stretch by body during the integration of the Flame of Love, which I did softly. I felt this emergence in all my cells. Wonderful! After the conference, I continued to receive the Flame of Love into all my system, in the heart of all the cells of my body. This morning I can't stop smiling of gratefulness. I feel this brilliance in and around me and I will nourish it every single day of my life. I really Am This Light of Love and will let the Light express itself through my being."

"The healing was wonderful. I couldn't believe the heat that was running through my body afterwards."

"The exercise of looking the other person in the eyes and holding hands was really very powerful for me. I realized how I could be open-hearted with a stranger without fear. Now each time I meet a stranger and have reflex of closing myself I consciously open my heart. I have never felt like this before. I can now go open hearted. And this is really a big step for me."

leaves"Boy, do I feel shifting occurring. I also feel a gentle power emerging. I have been spending some spare moments connecting to that beautiful field you brought in last week.I LOVED being with you in sacred space!"
"WOW! That was a spectacular field you opened for us tonight! I truly did not want to leave it. I stayed for 1/2 hour in it after class ended then heard the call of my patient son! That was a very memorable night Lynette. Thank you for facilitating. I am drawn to that field and intend to explore it more! So very much happened during the call tonight, I can't really put my experience into words though. Great night! I feel extra creative tonight!"

"Thank so much for your presence in our country and the seminar last week end. I feel the transformation slowly penetrating my body. I am so grateful to be part of this group that You are leading."

"My gratitude for knowing you and you being on this planet is immense!!!!"

"I often remember your words from our class. Something as simple as "let everything from your day just melt away" was so helpful this week. I could visualize things melting like the wax of a candle. I moved into a different space instantly. Thank you!"

"Last night was so sweet. As I came into the space and balanced my field, I could feel you and the sweet, potent, loving field of The Divine Mother. It was like being in the most delicious chocolate cake, without the density."

leaf spiral"Thank you so much for the beautiful, uplifting and loving healing session on New Year's. It was just what I needed... I felt a big shift after the transmission - a great sense of peace and joy. I love your work and appreciate all I have learned from you. Your presence is so loving and comforting."

"I walk around so much of my days now in peace and feeling the flow of the Divine and Earth. It used to be easier at night to feel this state of BEING but I am so grateful to you to have my days now filling with this same flow."

"The Quantum Field group session with you was very transformational for me. I feel as if a cloak has been lifted off of my energy field. I feel quite light and free. Next to marrying my husband and having my son, working with you has been the best decision/destiny of my life!!! You are deeply loved!!!"

"To say that was transformational is an understatement. AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!! That blew my socks off literally; they are off - and so is much, much more stuff!! Such a BIG THANK YOU, Lynette and the Team. That had to be the most incredible experience I have ever felt. I could go on and on but you get the idea."

white rose"Lynette's consciousness re-creates the bridge/missing link between your Soul and your personality/ego."

"I am seeing tangible shifts in my life - I'm grateful for all that this work has brought in transformation and love. Thank you for all that you do."

"I thank you for all your insight and wonderful knowings. I truly could not have a more capable and loving teacher."

“Lynette has a very healing and relaxing presence. Her work is fascinating. I feel shifted. It’s awesome! I feel better in my skin. I am more aware of who I am. It feels better to be me.”
D. W., WA

“I know the impact, the influence, the transformative power, of this work – if you have the opportunity, GO!”
V. P., CA

"I really enjoyed working with you over the phone. Thanks for helping me in the incredible way you did. I’ve been feeling SO much more grounded, more speaking from my truth and from a position of strength. "
G. B., London

yellow flower"It was either a miracle or divine intervention that led me to Lynette. I had been pretty much abused by the medical community. I had severe head pain and it kept getting worse and worse. I had been told by countless doctors that there was no reason that I should be in so much pain. I was despondent. I could find no relief, no answers. This is when I found Lynette. Through my work with her, I found that I had a great deal of trauma and foreign energy trapped in my body. This was a result of several car accidents and other emotional events that had happened to me over the years. Through the phone, Lynette was able to do extractions and repair work that gave me more relief than any pill, any doctor visit. This was a completely new approach to healing for me, in fact it was a whole new way of thinking, of looking at the world. It was hard to believe at first, but I could actually feel the matter coming out of my head as Lynette worked with me. The defining moment for me was when, during a session, Lynette was removing some etheric scar tissue at the base of my cranium, and I literally felt my skull move! I had been saying for months that my skull felt crooked, and this relieved some of the most excruciating pain. It also gave me hope for recovery.

I know I have more recovery ahead of me, and that the process will be ongoing, but I feel I owe my survival to Lynette. The only way I could have possibly started my recovery process was to find someone who could do all the things that she does. Lynette is the only person in the world who does what she does. She is so generous with her gifts, her gifts that are truly indescribable, awe-inspiring, life affirming. She is not only able to use her gifts to help heal the body, but she is also able to ease the mind and the spirit. She is also helping me to see how I can learn to heal my body myself, with my own gifts. She has encouraged me to see that I have a light inside of me, that deserves to burn brighter."
B. P., WA

Daffodil_Transparent“After 30 years of intractable depression, for which I had tried everything conventional and alternative, Lynette cleared the cause in two sessions and it vanished! I feel radiant.”
A. N., GA

“I had severe Candida, allergies, Chronic Fatigue, and Hepatitis C. After seven sessions with Lynette, I felt healthy and creative. And 3 years later, I still feel good!”
L. B., GA

“My plantar fascitis disappeared immediately. It felt like Light was moving through, and all the pain flowed out.”
L. L.

“Lynette’s work feels like taking off a backpack of boulders you didn’t know you had on – a truly amazing experience.”
B. B., Belgium

“I’ve been very different since I had that session with you, Lynette. I’d really like to thank you for all the years you spent learning and studying, but especially that you’re willing to help others. Also, my mother has also been restored to how we remember her when she was younger. I’m very grateful for what you were
able to give her.”
G. A., CA

“I felt so overwhelmed with other people’s emotions and foreign energies. Lynette cleared me out immediately.”
S. J., Egypt

branch“I could feel the shakti across the room.”
L. L., CA

“Before, my life was chaotic and it felt like my mind was running around in circles. It’s so much calmer. I feel just wonderful now!”
B. T., WI

“I have had my awareness expanded tremendously.”
R. I., CA

“That workshop shifted me so much! In the last year, I have moved to another state, changed jobs, and now I’m doing what I love, in healing service. Thank you so much.”
A. N., FL

“This is incredible! That constant pain in my leg is gone and I feel wonderful!”
J. G., CA

“This experience was very validating, and very expansive on many levels.”
J.G., CA

“Subtle energy shifts with profound implications. Gentle methods of moving out energies that are not helpful. Potential empowerments for being enabled to heal in a much simpler, easier way than I have been doing. A great modeling for the Divine Feminine in action.”
D. L., CA

“This is the most powerful work I have ever received. Clearing my father’s energy and ancestral baggage has given me the opportunity to choose to create a freer life.”
D. M., IN

“I feel great! A most heartful thank you to you and your team of Teams! Wow! I feel like a prancing horse, just wanting to train with you right now!”
M. B., CA

grass“After just a few minutes of Lynette’s work, much of my back pain had disappeared.”
J. M, CA.

“This work is awesome! I’ve been waiting all my life!”
E. K., NY

“The work that I did with Lynette was life-changing. I am a different person now and my life will really never be the same.”
N. G., MI

“When I felt emotional and overwhelmed, Lynette explained that it was not my personal energy that I was feeling, and proceeded to transmute the other energies in minutes. I felt peaceful again.”
J.E., Peru

“The eyes have it….
I feel seen on a deep level with Lynette.”
L. G.

“When Lynette sits in a room, even when she’s not working, people receive access to many dimensions of spiritual resources.”
F. P.



Accelerated Awakening™ quotations from in-person retreats and online seminars.