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Photo of LynetteInterview: “As soon as Lynette came towards me and placed her hands within four or five feet of me, I felt very deeply touched. It felt like something that was painful and difficult and inexpressible inside of me, which I wanted to release, started to be lifted from the inside and sort of pour out. I was very, very moved, I felt released from something in my past. I felt touched by a deep spiritual force, close to my core. I felt a deep sense of gratitude. It was almost like coming to drink from a well that I’d wanted to drink from for a long time and forgotten the taste of the water.

I’ve experienced many different healers, and I would say Lynette has a gift. She is very benign in her approach, very gentle. She is able to touch many people in different ways at the same time, in a way that is not intrusive. Clearly she has Grace working with her and she calls that in and allows it to do its work. And I think it is very beneficial. I experienced one workshop before, Healing at Light Speed…that’s why I’m here again today. And the muscle testing afterward is a way of cognitively allowing us to understand the percentage of clearing, to remember the experience in more of an analytic portion of the brain, where the healing experience itself is very visceral. It just feels integrated and wonderful. So I think this work is of great value.”
R. M., CA

purple waterlily“When I called Lynette she was very accommodating because it was urgent, and took me in right away. I was just very impressed with how profound and deep her understanding was, and how elegantly she was able to facilitate me what was going on with me. I was going through a lot of stressful situations in my life, and I had gone to another healer who did similar work except that he was charging some exorbitant rates and making some ridiculous demands. Lynette very simply and beautifully and clearly was able to tune right into what was going on with me, and very lovingly cleared some things out. There was just no pride and ego, and not a lot of flair and not a lot of expectations of things I had to do in order to make it work.  She also muscle-tested me after the session to demonstrate to me that things had cleared. I think most of all, I really felt a palpable shift in my energy field. I really felt lighter and freer and I felt more myself, whereas when I left the other healer I was afraid. After I left Lynette I felt more clear, it felt more lasting, and I felt more in touch with my true being.”
D. L., CA


pink waterlilyInterview: “We have J. Z. with us and I just wanted to ask her what her expectation of Healing at Light Speed with Lynette is today.”

“Today I came to experience more of my Divinity. Around Lynette that is very easy to do, because she knows the truth of my being, even when I forget, when I allow the matrix of cultural ideology to get in between me and my experience of the Divine. I can experience that “now” moment around Lynette and it teaches me very more to be in my body with that concept. Lynette has tremendous compassion and love, and how that demonstrates for me, is she remembers the truth of my being, and that allows me to remember the truth of my being, so that’s why I’m here for this workshop and why I’m so excited!”


“My whole intention of coming here and spending time to work with Lynette was about reducing that sense of separation with the Divine. During the process with Lynette when we got to share the heart space - a remarkable thing happened during that time. The face of my partner became my face, of course that was very moving, but then the sounds of the vehicles became me, and the structure of the seat in the building I was in became me. So I think we achieved our goal!”
J. Z., CA

lilypads“It was very powerful. There was very palpable energy in the room and I felt a really strong releasing of energy. I think what I appreciate most is a sense of very deep grounding in this work. Lynette really is capable of creating that space, so it is wonderful healing and a wonderful opportunity.”
H. B.

“The most potent example of Lynette’s work was what happened when we were sitting in my office. I’d always had a tremendous amount of fear in my life but had not really understood what it was. I’d been doing some work recently and what bubbled up was the idea that someone was trying to kill me. There had been a lot of trauma early in my life. That is great information but how do we get rid of it? I did some guided meditations on it with someone, thinking it might take awhile to clean out. Lynette walks in, smiles, we tell her what is going on and she says, ‘this is going to take about five minutes.’ And she started working and I could actually feel the energy leave. With her, I could check in and ask about it. I felt excited that we had gotten to a core issue. She was just right in there, and did a little past life work and she started pulling energy out and doing the Lynette thing and it was extraordinary. I could just feel this energy going. Very calm, very peaceful, all three of us felt the room settle. The energy in the room shifted tremendously. It was delightful. And it did take about five minutes, ten minutes at the most. It was very exciting.”
D. H., CA

“I have worked with Lynette a number of times before and today it deepened my heart connection. I don’t want to go home, I feel so at home inside. I’m very comfortable just being with this energy. I had a lot of releases, and I’m eternally grateful and happy, and feeling content. Wonderful.”
L. L., CA

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